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Photo courtesy of Adam Gibson Imagery.
Photo courtesy of Adam Gibson Imagery.

Welcome to Cardinal Acres Photography, the photography website of Bruce D. Williams!

I specialize in equestrian photography but also photograph nature, landscapes, other sports and portraiture as well as fine art photography. Photography has been a life-long interest for me, but it is only within the last several years that I have started to seriously pursue it as a vocation.

For years I would be the “designated photographer” for the family. When my daughter started riding competitively, I decided to seriously photograph her at shows. Doing so required an investment in a better camera and, more importantly, a long telephoto lens to bring the action to the camera.

While photographing at a horse show, I was asked by the mother of another rider to photograph her daughter competing. The success of that initial “assignment” led to more requests for horse show photography. Eventually, I decided I might be able to do this professionally.

I am available to photograph anywhere in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. For horse show photography, I am generally available at any show my daughter will be attending provided there is no conflict with her show schedule. Please contact me regarding your photo shoot and scheduling.



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