Safari’s Second Chance

Safari’s Second Chance (“Chance”) was our family dog for 14 years. She passed yesterday, November 20th.

We “lucked into” having Chance join our family. We were looking for a family dog that we could trust with our then 9-year-old and 6-year-old daughters. We had worked with a dog trainer in the past (Brad Phifer at Bark Tutor) and he suggested that a Standard Poodle was a perfect fit for our family. He even knew of a good puppy that was available.

That puppy was “Chance”.

You might be wondering why the name “Safari’s Second Chance”. There is, in fact, a story behind the name. Chance was raised by Cynthia Huff of Safari Poodles in Illinois and was intended to be a show dog in England. As a puppy, Chance had even earned a 3rd place ribbon at a local dog show. That plan came to a screeching halt when several of her adult teeth failed to come in. Thus the name, “Safari’s Second Chance“. The loss of a show dog for the originally intended owner became the beginning of 14 wonderful years for our family with the best dog imaginable.

Chance would run and play with both our daughters. My oldest is a horse-lover (see the majority of photos in the Equestrian category) and I vividly recall purchasing a set of “dog agility” obstacles for her to use with Chance. The obstacles included jumps, tunnels, weave poles, etc. and Chance was a natural at all of them. When “play time” was over, Chance would happily return inside and calmly lay down.

While Chance enjoyed wandering around our 12 acre property, she was most at home indoors with her family. All of us enjoyed having her on the couch with us watching TV, in the living room in front of a fire, sleeping at the foot of our bed, joining us on a family ski trip to Michigan. As with many dogs, Chance was part of the “family”. Knowing that she will no longer be with us is heartbreaking.

Farewell loyal companion.

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